Video Quality was considered the main challenge to meet when delivering broadcast quality video over IP networks and in particular over unmanaged IP networks  like the public Internet whileService Continuity was generally overlooked. The intense growth  of the professional video delivery made many broadcasters and operators  realize that Service Continuity is equally important to Video Quality if not more so. Maintaining professional video Service Continuity over IP networks requires toolset and features that:

  • Enable adapting to the changing network conditions in real time
  • Share network resources to increase stability
  • Structure a no single point of failure (NSPOF) architectures to maintain the continuation of service.

VideoFlow was the first  to identify the importance of maintaining Service Continuity with the  demonstration of a disruptive technology capable of adapting the  encoder's video rate on the fly according to available network resources. We called it Controlled Adaptive Rate (CAR) and we  demonstrated it for the first time at the IBC 2013 show in Amsterdam.  CAR is only one of many tools and features available to VideoFlow's  customers.

Professional  broadcasters are using VideoFlow's Digital Video Protection (DVP)  products worldwide to provide a highly reliable professional video  delivery over any IP network at the fraction of the cost of legacy solutions including satellite links and fibers. VideoFlow's DVPs had  been proven to extend professional broadcast services success over any  IP network including the public Internet.

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