• NICE in short

    NICE, New International Communications Europe, was established in 1994 and is active in several area’s of professional video (and audio, data) delivery.

    Our mission is to provide the best possible solutions based on our customer’s requirements, while considering current and expected future needs, as well as budgets and technologies available.7221.jpg

    In many occasions NICE has proven to offer the most effective solutions: by approaching a project from a “required functionality” point of view, a far more suitable global solution will be obtained  compared with the “standard” engineering based on certain initially assumed components.

    If you have the challenge, then NICE has the solution.

  • secure investments

    Investing in Video delivery Technology requires knowledge. Knowledge about the primary goals of the investment, the knowledge about current and future5206.jpg demands and possibilities and knowledge about various deployment models

    ... Various acquisition/ source scenario’s with more and more totally different and independent receivers and the mix and match of delivery protocols and networks, requires the consultancy of a professional and experienced partner.

    Today’s and tomorrow’s challenge -Multi to Many (M2M) in a personalized environment asking for interactivity, HD and 3D requires an higly skilled approach.......

    Realising Smarter Solutions based on Real Needs... that is NICE

  • the basics

    The delivery process of Video (Contribution and Distribution) requires three main components: tmp-base

    1) The physical transport using various methods , e.g. copper and/or fiber (cable and telco) and wireless (satellite, terrestrial). 

    2) The processing before and after transmission, a.o. converting, (de-)compressing, (de-)multiplexing routing, en- and de-capsulation in IP or ASI streams. All of these required to deliver the content in the correct formats to the various receivers as smartpones, large screen projectors, television, PC’s etc. 

    3) To ensure and maintain the required level of transmission quality monitoring the above process obviously is a must.

  • expert services

    NICE-HQNICE is headquartered in the Netherlands, only one hour from Schiphol. Mainly active in the Benelux, NICE has a support office in Belgium. Thus NICE covers the whole of the Benelux within a two hours traveling distance.

    Service Level agreements -SLA’s- are managed via remote monitoring and control of systems installed and can be backed by (consigned) spareparts.

    On site service is carried out by our expertise team, which also is available for case studies, high accuracy analysis and measurements.

    NICE also offers on- or of- site technology seminars, fully tailored to  the the various levels of interest (commercial implementation, company management, business development etc.)

  • solutions

    NICE also is a well known and established supplier of hard- and software solutions.

    Supply of these solutions can be full “turn key” projects, incorporating all elements starting from in-budget design and never ending with full 24/24 operational support. On the otcheckmarkher end NICE also can deliver single parts or products that are implemented by the end-user or any system integrator

    Various product lines only originating from trusted high end manufacturers are distributed by NICE based on master dealer agreements with these manufacturers. These specific products all comply with the very high quality NICE standards for reliability and performance and backed up by professional support.

    These product lines all are within the area’s  as described in the section “the basics” and cover a wide range of applications in the acquisition, processing, compression, transportation and monitoring area’s.

    for detailed information please refer to the “sales” section in the left top navigation bar of this page.


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